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My number 1 goal for you, is to be comfortable and relaxed during your session.

I have an area stocked with snacks, water, and coffee. You can watch me capture the perfect memories for you and your precious family.

Kamila is a baby whisperer! I didn't think I would want newborn photos, but as my little girl started getting bigger, I changed my mind. She was 5 weeks when I was lucky enough to book a session with Kamila.
At 5 weeks, babies aren't sleeping bundles anymore, but I still wanted some sleeping poses. Kamila took her time soothing my baby girl, rocking her, making soft shooshing sounds, and gently rubbing her forehead until she fell asleep. I had no idea my tiny screamer could be tamed like that!
Needless to say, I got all the adorable sleeping poses I wanted (the naked curled up pose with purple angel wings is my favorite!) and I have lots of super cute photos with my baby's eyes open looking at the camera.
In the end, we went over our time but Kamila didn't even mention it.

And she gave me more photos than I anticipated.
I can't say enough good things about her! She's an amazing person and a very talented photographer.
(I had no idea that most newborn photographers wouldn't work with babies older than 2 weeks when I booked my photo session. I liked the photos Kamila took of my friend's baby and contacted her without looking into other photographers. I would've been heartbroken if Kamila said no because my 5-week-old was too old!

Julia Roach

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